These Are The 23 Hottest Gadgets Of 2021

New savings discounts are now available for gadget lovers and holiday shoppers that can save you money and help you find the perfect gift this holiday season. They are incredible gadgets that most people have never heard of with awesome discounts that make them affordable to anyone! Most of these products are only available online, so many tech enthusiasts and holiday shoppers miss out!

The National Penny team has put together a list of the coolest gadgets that are perfect for tech enthusiasts and anyone doing their holiday shopping. We have been able to secure FREE shipping and 50%+ discounts on most of these offers, for a limited time. These special offers are only available online, and you won't find most of these products in stores either.

There are no limits to the number of discount that you can claim (many of our readers find at least a couple of stocking stuffers or gadgets for themselves). Keep in mind that many of these offers expire very soon, so it's important that you act quickly. Happy Shopping!

1. Peeps - NASA's Solution To Dirty Glasses (Now Available To The Public)

If you wear any kind of glasses, you know what a hassle it is to keep them clean. Usually you just end up smudging them more, and never getting to enjoy crystal clean lenses. Finally there is a great solution that lets you easily keep your glasses smear and scratch free.

With over 2 Million sold, Peeps Carbon Technology is a must have gadget for everyone! Its revolutionary technology is used by NASA on the Space Station as well as by the Military. It uses molecular carbon technology to clean both sides of the glass at the same time, fitting the grooves of your lenses simultaneously.

Once you are done cleaning your glasses, it automatically recharges for the next cleaning. Each one can be used over 500 times, and cleans lenses 4 times faster than using a cloth.

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2. The PhotoStick Mobile - Instantly Backup And Protect The Photos And Videos On Your Phone

Have you ever gotten the dreaded message "Cannot Take Photo" because your phone was full? We all have, and it always comes at the worst times.

And what would you do if you lost or broke your phone? Which pictures and videos, special memories, would you lose? (My nephew threw my iPhone into the toilet the day after my wedding. Every photo I had taken that - plus hundreds of others - gone forever)

The PhotoStick Mobile backs up all the photos and videos stored on your smartphone by pressing one button. That's it, and then your precious memories are backed up. So easy!

Works on iPhone, iPad and Android devices

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3. Fit Track - Revolutionary New Scale Lets You Look Inside Your Body

Fit Track is a highly intelligent smart medical scale. Simply step on it with your bare feet and it activates Fit Track’s patented dual BIA technology, which monitors 17 key health insights – allowing you to measure, track, and trend your health data in real time.

FitTrack can measures your body fat percentage, muscle and bone mass, hydration levels and more – important information that can help you make smarter decisions about your health.

Use FitTrack to keep track of your vital functions. It makes a great gift for parents and family members, or anyone else who is working on their health.

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4. Bondic - Fix Almost Anything In 4 Seconds

If you have something that is broken and can't be fixed, just try Bondic. It lets you re-attach broken eyeglasses, refill holes in leaky plumbing, and rebuild just about anything – even fine china.

You can build, bond, fix, and fill virtually ANYTHING with Bondic. Bondic is the perfect addition to your DIY toolkit.

Bondic is not glue. It's much better. Users simply apply it to the damaged item or area, shine Bondic's UV light on it for 4 seconds, and that's it. Bondic solidifies into a solid layer of clear plastic instantly. At that point, it is designed to last forever, so you should get a permanent fix.

It works on any surface and is the perfect gift for almost anyone, especially if they like to build or fix stuff by themselves. 

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5. Solar Stair Lights - Makes Any Property Safer & More Stylish In Seconds

If you're looking for a budget friendly outdoor accent light that you can install in just a few minutes, take a look at the Solar LED Stair Light - perfect for illuminating steps, decks, fences and docks.

Solar LED Stair Lights are the "bright" way to enjoy the great outdoors as well as a great gift! They are wireless, solar powered lights that you can install on any staircase, railing, fence post or deck in just a matter of seconds.

Even though the Solar LED Stair Light is only about half the size of an iPhone, it's very bright.

Installation is extremely simple, just peel off the sticker, place it onto your stairs, railing, fence, deck, dock or seating area and secure it with the two screws that are included. Then you are ready to go! It is very DIY friendly. Best part is that once it is exposed to a day of sunlight, it automatically turns on at dusk. Works rain or shine.

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6. GoDonut - The Only Device Stand You'll Ever Need

GoDonus is the world's most portable and universal stand for phones and tablets. It allows you to easily enjoy all your mobile devices completely hands free!

It fits right in your pocket with you so you can bring it wherever your phone goes! GoDonut allows devices to be displayed in 3 different angles, creating 6 different ways to view your device – from wide angles (for movies) to horizontal (for following recipes) and more - it’s the ultimate phone and tablet stand.

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7. RangeXTD – Stay Connected In Any Corner Of Your Home

Do you hate having slow Internet and constantly losing your connection in certain parts of your home?  

Nothing is worse than getting home from a long day at work, just to have slow Internet when you are trying to relax.  

Fortunately, with RangeXTD you can make sure your entire home is covered no matter where you are. You won't lose another minute to a spotty Internet connection. RangeXTD comes ready out of the box, you just plug it in and it immediately starts boosting your signal and increasing your speed to its full potential.

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8. FIXD - Prevent $1000s In Unnecessary Car Repairs

Whenever you see the "Check Engine" sign come on in your car, doesn't your stomach just sink? You know that you will need to go to the mechanic, and you are likely to come out of there with a huge bill.  

Even when you just take your car in for a routine oil change, most of the time your mechanic will give you a laundry list of recommended repairs, and there is no way to know if you really need them or not. Mechanics know most of us are clueless about our cars, so they can add on and create more issues than we actually have.  

Fortunately, there is a new device that lets you know exactly what is wrong with your car, so mechanics can't take advantage of you.  

You just plug in FIXD below the steering wheel (into the onboard diagnostics port), download the free app onto your smartphone and that's it!  

You get easy to understand explanations of the problems, cost estimates as well as what could happen if you choose to ignore the problem. It can even reset the check engine light.

The next time you need to go to the mechanic, you will know what is wrong before you even get there.  

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9. ScreenKlean - Safely Clean Digital Screens In Seconds With "Carbon NanoTech"

If you have spent hundreds and even thousands of dollars on expensive devices with hi-tech, ultra-sharp HD displays (smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs), you don't want to use a dirty cloth to clean them, just to smear oil and dirt everywhere. Using a cloth can even scratch the screen!

Your high end devices deserve a high end cleaning solution, that gets your screen crystal clear and never leaves a scratch. 

ScreenKlean is the first and only screen cleaning product that won't damage your screen when used as directed. It works on all your devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs. 

By using Carbon Molecular Technology, the same technology used by NASA, ScreenKlean safely removes oil, smudges and fingerprints without scratching the screen. With over 65,000 sold, ScreenKlean is a proven winner and great for any device owner or as a gift.

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10. Dodow – Best Night's Sleep You'll Ever Have

Do you or anyone you know have trouble falling asleep? Over half of all adults have trouble falling asleep at least one night each week, resulting in lower productivity at work, exhaustion and it can even impair your immune system.  

Fortunately, there's now a new way to get to sleep faster while enjoying a deeper and more restful sleep. It's called Dodow, and it helps people go to sleep 2.5X faster.  

Dodow projects a soft, blue light onto your ceiling, that helps you to relax and calm your mind. When you breath along with the light as it fades in and out, it slows down your breathing, which in turn slows your heart rate, and within 8 minutes, you'll probably be fast asleep.  

Is there anything better than a good night's sleep?

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11. Star Scope - The New & Improved Binoculars Lets You See Everything In A New Way

If you ever use binoculars, you know how much you need them while hunting, watching wildlife, at a sporting event and many other outdoor activities.

The Star Scope is an affordable option that comes with a rugged build and limited lifetime warranty. It's small, lightweight and waterproof so you can take it anywhere.

See for miles with precision and depth to get a great view and amazing photos! It is actually a zoom lens for your smartphone, giving you a high quality zoom lens that will let you take great pictures that look professional.

Get super clear images, similar to professional level cameras, as the Star Scope is multi coated and made of high quality optical glass.

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12. Barx Buddy - Simple Device Gets Your Dog To Stop Barking

Is your dog's barking driving you crazy? Or do they have any other habits that you would like to change?

If so, then Barx Buddy should be your very next purchase. Barx Buddy is the world's first dog training remote. It trains dogs using ultrasonic sound that is not audible to humans. 

Basically whenever your dog does something that he shouldn't be doing, you click the button, and Barx Buddy lets the dog know that the action is undesirable. It helps the dog understands that you want them to stop doing something. After using Barx Buddy for a little while, your dog will learn and you will not need to use it anymore.

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13. React - The "7-in-1" phone charger that could save your life

REACT is a phone charger that is also a 7-1 safety device. There's no reason ever car owner shouldn't own one!

If you are in a crash, seat belts jam, doors get stuck and windows don't open. What would you do if that happened to you?

Experts have urged drivers for years to carry window smashers and seat belt cutters, but most people don't, and even if they did they would likely not store it close enough. Safety devices are completely useless if you can't reach them!

REACT works as a charger for the phone, so you keep it plugged into your dash and within reach.

REACT's 7 life saving features:

  • Razor-Sharp Seat Belt Cutter
  • Steep Tip Window Breaker
  • USB Quick Charger
  • Long Lasting Power Bank
  • Ultra Bright LED Flashlight
  • Strobing Red SOS Beacon
  • Long Range Safety Siren

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14. Neck Relax - Feel Your Neck Pain Disappear In Minutes

Neck Relax helps to quickly release tension throughout your neck, back and shoulders.

It is an advanced gadget that uses cutting edge massage technology to stimulate your muscles and release tension and pain held deep within your body, in only a few minutes!

Neck Relax:

  • Improves blood circulation using infrared heat
  • Uses high frequency vibration to stimulate tissue
  • Allows you to target specific muscles to maximize relief

Star Belly Dream Lites are a great gift for anyone that has kids, they will thank you for it!

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15. Heat Core - Portable Heater, Heats Up Any Room In Seconds

Looking for fast-acting, cheap heating solution? Look no further than Heat Core. You need to try this space heater that claims to heat the air in just seconds. 

The ceramic heating elements help to heat the space without the use of open coils. Heat will carry throughout the space with the help of the oscillation function. Three heating levels—fan mode, low heat, and high heat—will make sure the temperature is always to your liking. 

Safety features like overheat and tipping protection make this a great option for households with small children or pets. The built-in handle, combined with being under four pounds, means this portable heater can go from room to room with ease.

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16. Tiki Tunes - Coolest Speakers Ever Made Liven Up Any Space

These new award winning, bluetooth speakers will add the perfect touch of relaxing ambience to your patio, deck, bedroom…heck, ANYWHERE! And the only thing that matches the way cool look is the way cool sound! TikiTunes make any atmosphere way cooler!  

Constructed with high quality materials, TikiTunes are certified dust tight and protected from water, which means you can enjoy them at the park, tailgating, in the rain, anywhere you want to kick up the ambience! These are guaranteed to blow the minds of friends and family who are lucky enough to get them as gifts!

See current promotions available for TikiTunes.

17. Blissy - This Silk Pillow Case Helps You Sleep Better (Also Enjoy Healthier Hair & Clearer Skin)

There is nothing quite like the soft, smooth, luxurious feel of silk.

That's why we absolutely love the Blissy Pillow Case.

Recently featured in Glamour magazine, blissy pillow cases are incredible. The Mulberry Silk has natural cooling properties, oftentimes resulting in a cooler sleep, healthier hair, clearer skin and fewer allergies.

Models, stylists, dermatologists and beauty experts all swear by silk.

  • Silk has 43% less friction so your hair glides over the surface, without stripping it of its natural moisture, leaving it shinier and healthier
  • It doesn't draw moisture out of your skin (like cotton pillow cases)
  • Since it's naturally hypoallergenic, you wake up with clearer sinuses and eyes

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18. KoreTrak - Monitor your Health, Fitness, and Sleep through this Super Smartwatch that Costs a Fraction of the Famous Brands

This new smartwatch is taking over the US. But why is it so popular and selling out everywhere?

It can measure your blood pressure, blood oxygen level (SpO2), heart rate, calculate your beats per minute (BPM). All in real-time.

Heart disease is a silent killer... If you have it, you probably won't realize that something is wrong before it's too late.

The KoreTrak watch can help you keep track of your heart rate and other vitals. Get some peace of mind knowing that you can seek medical help before it's too late...

It can also count your steps, your calories, your fitness activity...

The best part? It's only $49. It's not available on Amazon or eBay. 

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19. LumiGuard - Protect Your Home With This Motion Sensor Solar Floodlight

LumiGuard solar powered floodlights are great for anyone who wants to protect & illuminate their outdoor area without the high cost of professional installation.

These ultra bright floodlights, with motion detectors, make it easy to light up even the darkest area in your yard. Since they are solar powered, they can be installed anywhere without the need for an electrical outlet or to replace batteries.

Lumiguard gives you peace of mind whenever you need to go outside at night or early in the morning, and turns off after 20 seconds if no motion is detected. It can also be used for entertainment lighting with just the click of a button.

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20. Clipper Pro - Painless Nail Clippers Perfect For Seniors, Kids & Anyone Who Wants Beautiful Nails

Cheap drugstore nail clippers can be hard to use and especially painful.

If you have arthritis or pain in your hands or wrists. gripping the handle of a standard set of nail clippers can be quite painful. Even if your hands and wrists are pain free, you can cut yourself or end up with uneven, jagged nails, which can result in a hang nail or even an infection. Fortunately the company that developed Clipper Pro was founded by 3 Orthopedic Surgeons from San Diego, with the intent of making thick, ingrown or any other type of nail easy to cut.

Clipper Pro was designed for seniors and anyone else who has a hard time cutting their nails. Visit the Clipper Pro website here.

21. iMemories - Transfer Your Old VHS Tapes, Photos & Film To DVD & Digital

Do you know anyone that has lots of older tapes, films, photographs, slides or negatives? There is now an easy and affordable way to preserve these awesome memories by digitizing them and saving them for years to come: iMemories.  

Just send your old tapes, films, photographs, slides and negatives to iMemories using one of their Safe Ship Kits. iMemories will organize it all, then save, copy, and convert them into a digital format.  

Now your old photos, film, VHS tapes, and other memories can easily be viewed, shared and enjoyed by your entire family on any modern device. Memories that were rarely seen can be shared with friends and family from computers, tablets, and mobile devices forever, and never lost! Even if the memories are old and damaged iMemories can convert them to digital.  

Over 500,000 families have trusted iMemories to digitize their memories. iMemories has never lost customer's original copies in their 10 years of business. You'll get every original back guaranteed.  

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22. The PhotoStick – Instantly Back Up Thousands Of Photos & Videos With 1 Click

The Photostick is a very useful new gadget that protects your digital photographs and videos. Anyone that stores their photos and videos on the computer does so knowing that there are risks: computer crashes, viruses, and power surges that could wipe out 1,000's of your digital memories in seconds.  

The Photostick is now one of the hottest gadgets on the market, selling over 1,000 units per day in 2019. It's extremely easy to (just insert the thumb drive and click 'Go') and the perfect gift for anyone that has lots of digital pictures and videos.  

It automatically syncs your pictures and videos into the stick, and it even finds and removes duplicates so you don't spend hours deleting them manually. No technical knowledge or computer expertise is required and all your photos are stored safely offline where only you have access to them.  

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23. eBulb - This “Smart” Bulb Lasts You For Hours Without Power

Have you ever had the power go out at night without having a flashlight? It’s tough trying to find your way around your home without breaking something or hurting yourself.

Millions of people go through power outages each year, so it really is something you need to plan for. Fortunately there is the eBulb!

The eBulb works like a regular lightbulb that is always ready when you need it. It’s self charging and can be hung wherever you need it. It’s also an instant solution whenever you need it, since you just need to hang it up and turn it on. It works in existing light sockets and is very affordable. See how it works today.

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